Collaborating for the Advancement of Interdisciplinary Research in Benign Urology

Annual CAIRIBU Meeting


Best Abstract

  • Matthew Grimes, MD, K12 Scholar, UW-Madison KURe Program, abstract title: CD44 expression is decreased in lichen sclerosus

Best Posters

Animal models (2): Cassandra Kisby, MD, MS, K12 Scholar, Duke University KURe Program and Alexis Adrian, PhD student, UW-Madison U54 O’Brien Center

Inflammation (2): Michael Odom, PhD, K12 Scholar, Duke University KURe Program and Eduardo Mora, medical school student working with UW-Madison KURe Program K12 Scholar Matt Grimes, MD

Clinical: Emily Davidson, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin P20 Exploratory Center

Best Posters

Voiding (2): Diya Binoy Joseph, PhD, at University of Texas Southwestern (UW-Madison U54 O’Brien Center) and Casey Steadman, PhD, K12 Scholar, Duke University KURe Program

Congenital: Gregory Whittemore, medical school student, Columbia University P20 Exploratory Center

Urinary tract infection: Grace Morales, PhD student, Vanderbilt University P20 Exploratory Center


Links related to concurrent CAIRIBU Interactions Sessions (Fri., Dec. 3, 4-6:00 PM Eastern):

  1. Building Psychologically Safe Teams (Betsy Rolland, PhD, MLIS, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health). For additional information, see IDEAs in Action website HERE.
  2. Translational Teams (Allan Brasier, MD, Executive Director, University of Wisconsin Institute for Clinical and Translational Research). A link to PubMed page with Dr. Brasier’s publications on this topic is HERE.


  • Detailed meeting program HERE
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  • CAIRIBU P20 Exploratory Centers – Summaries HERE
  • CAIRIBU U54 George M. O’Brien Centers – Summaries HERE
  • CAIRIBU KUroEpi K12 Programs – Summaries HERE
  • CAIRIBU KURe K12 Programs – Summaries HERE
  • “Meet the Pets” in the CAIRIBU meeting pet tournament HERE
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  • Download speaker slides HERE


  1. Katherine Amato, PhD (12/02/2021, 4:30 PM Eastern). The human gut microbiome and health inequities. PNAS 2021;118(25): e2017947118.
  2. Carl Kesselman, PhD (12/03/2021, 1:45 PM Eastern). Translating the grid: how a translational approach shaped the development of grid computing. J Comput Sci 2021;52: 101214.