Michael Odom

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Duke KURe Program

Website: Institutional Profile

Dr. Odom began his career as a paramedic and obtained a BS in Emergency Medical Care from Western Carolina University before transitioning into basic science research. He then earned a PhD in Physiology from East Carolina University where his research focused on neurovascular mechanisms responsible for erectile dysfunction following prostate cancer treatment. In 2020, he joined the Duke University Urinary Dysfunction Laboratory as a postdoctoral associate.

Dr. Odom’s current research focus is diabetic bladder dysfunction. Inflammation mediated through NLRP3 inflammasome activation directly contributes to the progression of diabetic bladder dysfunction through unknown mechanisms. Dr. Odom strives to determine these physiologically relevant mechanisms under the guidance of Dr. J. Todd Purves and Dr. Francis “Monty” Hughes. Currently, there are no effective treatments for diabetic bladder dysfunction and NLRP3 inhibition is a promising potential therapeutic intervention.