NIDDK 20th Anniversary Webinar: Promoting Secondary Research to Accelerate Medical Breakthroughs and Innovation

This event has passed.

(9 am Central | 7 am Pacific)
@ 10:00 am EDT - @ 3:00 pm EDT
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The NIDDK Central Repository is celebrating its 20th anniversary and, to mark the occasion, they will be hosting a virtual workshop. The two-day event will feature various success story lightning talks from data and specimen requestors who will provide insights to potential requestors about their scientific careers and how the use of the repository resources helped them advanced their scientific goals and career journeys. There will also be a demo of new repository features and analytics workspace and launch a data-centric challenge on day two of the event. In addition, several panel discussions and plenary speakers will be of interest to all, focused on secondary research impact on health and health care outcomes.

Register HERE – deadline September 19, 2023