Columbia University O’Brien Center Symposium

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@ 9:00 am EDT - 5:00 pm EDT

(8-4 PM Central | 6-2 PM Pacific)

The Columbia University George M. O’Brien Urology Center (PIs: Cathy Mendelsohn, PhD; Jonathan Barasch, MD, PhD; Ali Gharavi, MD; and Anne-Catrin Uhlemann, MD, PhD) will hold its 2023 symposium on Tuesday, March 28th at the Columbia University campus. Invited speakers will be onsite at the Columbia University Campus; others are invited to participate virtually. This unique event will feature recipients of CAIRIBU O’Brien Urology Center Opportunity Pool Awardees from the past several years. These awardees represent rising stars in non-malignant urologic research or are new to the field of urology and using innovative research tools and technologies. Various areas of lower urinary tract research will be addressed. Registration is FREE although required in order to receive access to the ZOOM link.

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Cathy Lee Mendelsohn ( Michael and Stella Chernow Professor of Urological Sciences and Pathology and Cell Biology and Genetics and Development. Columbia University
Description of O’Brien Centers and Opportunities in Benign Urologic Research
Kris Penniston ( Senior Scientist. Clinical Nutritionist, CAIRIBU Interactions Core University of Wisconsin.
Keynote: Cellular Atlas of the Human Lower Urinary Tract
Douglas Strand ( Associate Professor of Urology, UTSW
Kidney: What biomarkers of obstructive nephropathy can teach us about renal damage.
James D Brooks ( Professor of Urology Stanford
Urothelia: Transdifferentiation of Fibroblasts to Urothelial Stem Cell
Kris Prado ( Assistant Professor Stanford
Bladder: Developing image-based biomakers for the lower urinary tract.
Shane A Wells ( Associate Professor (CHS) of Radiology in Abdominal Imaging Section. University of Wisconsin.
Bladder Function: MRI Urodynamics Reveals Asymmetric Contraction of the Bladder in Men with BPH/LUTS”
Alejandro Roldán-Alzate ( Associate Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Radiology University of Wisconsin.
Bladder Function: Age dependent effects of exercise on voiding, cell senescence and frailty related mechanisms.
Teresa Liu ( Scientist, Department of Urology University of Wisconsin
Bladder Function: Defining and Targeting Age-related Mechanisms of Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
Scott Bauer ( Assistant Professor, Medicine UCSF School of Medicine
Bladder Function: Impact of developmental exposure to environmental toxicant, PCBs, on the lower urinary tract
Kimberly Keil Stietz ( Assistant Professor School of Veterinary Medicine University of Wisconsin
Bladder Inflammation: “Genetic analyses of two interstitial cystitis cohorts”.
Catherine Brownstein ( Assistant Professor and Scientific Director, Division of Genetics Genomics; Molecular Genetics Core Harvard Medical School
Bladder Inflammation: “Impact of Type I, II, III Interferon Receptor KO on Lower Urinary Tract Tissue”
David Degraff ( Associate Professor Departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Urology, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Penn State Cancer Institute Penn State
Bladder Inflammation: Local and remote tissue specific macrophage responses during urinary tract infections
Steers, Nicholas J. ( Instructor in Medical Sciences Department of Medicine Columbia University
Urethral Function: A starring role for the urethra in response to ascending E. coli infection”
Chad Vezina ( Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Comparative Biosciences Department Director, Molecular and Environmental Toxicology; Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology Department of Urology
Prostate: “Identifying new cellular and molecular targets for the medical treatment of BPH/LUTS”
Will RICKE ( UWMF Professor of Urologic Research Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research University of Wisconsin
Prostate: "Pharmaceutical Cocrystals: A Next Generation of Drugs for Prostate Health"
Leonard R. MacGillivray ( Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy Department Chair (DEO), Department of Chemistry Collegiate Fellow, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences University of Iowa
Cathy Lee Mendelsohn ( Michael and Stella Chernow Professor of Urological Sciences and Pathology and Cell Biology and Genetics and Development. Columbia University