Uromicrobiota Research Interest Group (U-RIG)

CAIRIBU U-RIG Research Hour: Bridging Knowledge Gaps in the Urobiome

The Uromicrobiota Research Interest Group (U-RIG) includes CAIRIBU and non-CAIRIBU investigators interested in the uromicrobiota. Investigators are clinicians and scientists from a variety of fields including urology, urogynecology, microbiology, microbial ecology, virology, bioinformatics, and computer and data science.

The CAIRIBU U-RIG Research Hour aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and spur collaborations in the urobiome and adjacent fields



  • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – September 2023 U-RIG Research Hour, featuring Aaron Miller, PhD (Cleveland Clinic) and Lindsey Burnett, MD, PhD, University of California San Diego) HERE
  • SUMMARY of discussions in 2023, through July, HERE
  • REVIEW of plans discussed up to January 2022 HERE

View CAIRIBU Connections: “UTI Through the Lifespan – A Patient Perspective”

CAIRIBU Connections are virtual gatherings that aim to bring together CAIRIBU and non-CAIRIBU investigators interested in similar topics. This CAIRIBU Connections topic of “UTI Through the Lifespan – A Patient Perspective” was formatted as a patient panel. This event aimed to shed light on urinary tract infections (UTIs) from a unique standpoint – that of the patients themselves. Patient panelists from the UTI Health Alliance patient advocacy group covered viewpoints from early childhood, parenting a young child with UTI, young adulthood with UTI, middle age, and postmenopausal. This event was curated to build pathways for knowledge exchange between patients and researchers and provide investigators with the tools to develop patient-centered research agendas around the topic of UTIs.

Conceptual “mind map” of knowledge gaps, barriers, and challenges in urinary microbiota research

Generated from discussion at the July 2021 kickoff CAIRIBU U-RIG Meeting