NDRI’s Human Tissue and Organs for Research Resource (HTORR) Program

Click here to request tissueThe HTORR Program is an experienced, NIH research resource program that is co-funded by NIDDK. For over 30 years, HTORR has supported NIDDK research projects and initiatives by providing human tissues and organs for experimental analysis. To meet the evolving experimental needs of NIDDK’s investigators, HTORR utilizes a prospective procurement model and project-specific recovery and preservation protocols to collect biospecimens from a diverse pool of normal and diseased donors. As an NIDDK grantee, the HTORR program offers you with the following the benefits for utilizing the resource:

  • Reduced costs for tissue procurement
  • Additional technical support to design your studies utilizing biospecimens
  • Priority service with access to biospecimens from all body systems
  • Letters of support and budgetary information for NIDDK grant applications
  • Timely response to requests and 24/7 distribution