Inclusive Writing

The CAIRIBU Interactions Core hosted a Community Grant Resource Workshop on using Inclusive Language in grant writing and health communication, featuring insights from Madelyn Esposito, LPC, NCC, CST, Program Manager, UW Sexual Health Clinic, and other CAIRIBU-affiliated clinicians and investigators with experience writing grants.

The purpose of the workshop was to educate participants on updated inclusive language and discourage the use of outdated terminology. It also highlighted the importance of using inclusive language, which emphasizes people over labels, shows cultural humility, builds bridges, and breaks barriers in communication. Inclusive language plays a crucial role in shaping our perception of others and can be a powerful tool in understanding the complexities of people’s intersectional identities. It promotes equality by recognizing unique identities, acknowledging power imbalances, and preventing exclusion and marginalization.

The materials detailing on up to date inclusive language are below.


Investigators’ Guide to Using Inclusive Language

  • A comprehensive guie to using inclusive, gender-neutral, person-first, and destigmatizing language.
  • Download Here

Shortened Reference Sheet