CAIRIBU Collaborative Science Tools

In 2023 the CAIRIBU Interactions Core collaborated with Team Science expert, Whitney Sweeney, PhD from the  University of Wisconsin Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR), to design and facilitate a 5-part virtual workshop series on Collaborative Science.

Objectives of the series included understanding the benefits and challenges of collaborative research, assembling research teams, building consensus, identifying team roles, and creating and maintaining healthy and high-functioning research teams.  

View the session recordings on the CAIRIBU YouTube Channel


      1. Create a shared team vision
      2. Discuss your team’s composition, roles, and responsibilities
      3. Discuss your team’s outputs (i.e. publications, intellectual property/patents, datasets, etc.)
      4. Discuss your team’s culture
      5. Discuss how your team functions and what processes are necessary
      6. Discuss your team’s project management plan and infrastructure
      7. Discuss how your team can work together to create, implement, and maintain a Collaboration Plan