CAIRIBU Catalyst Conversations

Strengthening non-malignant research efforts by stimulating new ideas & novel experimental approaches, novel use of existing tools & technologies, and interdisciplinary collaborative research efforts

  • Presenter: Adam Kuchnia, PhD, RDN, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MAY 22, 2024

Part 1: 3D Printing for smarties (who know nothing about 3D printing)

    • Presenter: Nathan Tykocki, PhD, Michigan State University
    • AUGUST 15, 2022

Part 2: From idea to instrument: a case study in in-house instrument fabrication

    • Presenter: Nathan Tykocki, PhD, Michigan State University
    • SEPTEMBER 12, 2022

Spatial transcriptomics and the kidney

    • Presenter: Michael Eadon, MD, Indiana University
    • MARCH 21, 2022

 Dissecting immunity in the bladder 

    • Presenter: Molly Ingersoll, PhD, Institut Cochin & Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
    • NOVEMBER 15, 2021

Phenotyping of men with diabetes-associated erectile dysfunction: lessons from the UroEDIC study

    • Presenter: Hunter Wessells, MD, University of Washington
    • JULY 14, 2021